DLG Loss&Fraud Investigation
Prot.n. 89/2017 AREA 1./L.P.

Investigations in the private or business sphere, information retrieval,
acquisition of valid evidence in court, appraisal of damages.

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Private Investigations

  • Marital infidelity and/or family violence
  • Investigation of personal assets
  • Post separation investigations
  • Search for missing persons
  • Minor / elderly control
  • Analysis and testing of samples to detect biological substances
  • DNA comparison and hair analysis for the verification of the use of drugs
  • Stalking / harassment / blackmail
  • Bullying victims
  • Recover social network data
  • Forensic analysis on mobile phones and tablets

Private Investigations

As part of private investigations, we deal with investigating the personal, family and private sphere of private individuals and households to obtain appropriate evidence in court.