DLG Loss&Fraud Investigation
Prot.n. 89/2017 AREA 1./L.P.

Investigations in the private or business sphere, information retrieval,
acquisition of valid evidence in court, appraisal of damages.

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Via Resistenza, 170
41058 Vignola (MO)

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Green Number:  800-955025
Telephone:  +39 059 4738475
Fax:  +39 059 4738097
E-Mail: comunicazioni@dlginvestigazioni.com

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Loredano Duzzi has been an investigative license holder for twenty years as a leader in dealing with and resolving the doubts you are facing and in providing you with the best solution. In our investigative study with thousands of cases resolved to the assets, we are able to provide you, in addition to the indispensable confidentiality, a shared analysis on the motivations that led you to seek external help for the solution of your problem. Some of our cases have become best sellers, and, just having to change some experiences into books, has allowed us to understand the fears and the reluctance with which you are making this decision. In our Studio you will find the most suitable people to listen join a team of professionals in various sectors.

Our investigative study thanks to the large team of experts is able to provide you with legal and financial assistance.