DLG Loss&Fraud Investigation
Prot.n. 89/2017 AREA 1./L.P.

Investigations in the private or business sphere, information retrieval,
acquisition of valid evidence in court, appraisal of damages.

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Defensive Investigations

  • Defensive investigations ex art 327 bis c.p.p.
  • Preventive investigations art. 391 nonies c.p.p.
  • Identification of evidence in favor of the suspect or the injured party
  • Scientific analysis carried out in professional laboratories with which we collaborate
  • Dactyloscopic analysis, graphology, DNA
  • Analysis on fibers and microfibers, explosives and flammable materials
  • Environmental analyzes

Defensive Investigations

In the field of defensive and preventive investigations we have collaborated for years alongside the most important specialized law firms for the research and acquisition of evidence valid in court.