DLG Loss&Fraud Investigation
Prot.n. 89/2017 AREA 1./L.P.

Investigations in the private or business sphere, information retrieval,
acquisition of valid evidence in court, appraisal of damages.

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Cyber Security

The purpose of a web application Penetration Test is to demonstrate how the infrastructure of the web services exposed by your company is protected against a possible attack by an external attacker, be it perpetrated by a competitor, by criminal organizations or an attack of a hacktivist / propagandist nature as evidenced by the many underground scenarios such as Anonymous, Syrian Army, Cyber Caliphate, etc.

Cyber Security

In this regard, the DLG proposes to emulate a real attacker, and aims to identify, catalog and evaluate the impact of any possible vulnerability before it can be exploited by an external attacker.
The DLG is based on many years of experience in the safety of infrastructures, having expert technicians in both the offensive and the defensive aspects. In this way it is possible for DLG to guarantee an active collaboration with your company, allowing to create the synergies that can perform the safety tests in the best way and optimize the effectiveness of the countermeasures.

The range of services offered by DLG varies according to the needs of your company, thus adapting to every situation.