DLG Loss&Fraud Investigation
Prot.n. 89/2017 AREA 1./L.P.

Investigations in the private or business sphere, information retrieval,
acquisition of valid evidence in court, appraisal of damages.

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Corporate Investigations

  • Investigations of assets and legal entities
  • Pre-recruitment investigations
  • Absenteeism, illness, work permits investigations
  • Employee monitoring
  • Dismissal for just cause
  • Unauthorized access, theft and/or sabotage
  • Investigations on partner infidelity
  • Corporate security
  • Accounting, economic and financial investigations in cases of corporate fraud
  • Industrial counterintelligence and brand protection
  • Unfair competition
  • IT survey, IT data security
  • Telephone and environmental remediation, bugs
  • Recover physical and analog memory data

Corporate Investigations

As part of corporate investigations, we take care of finding and analyzing the information necessary to protect corporate assets as well as providing certain and irrefutable evidence to be used also in court.